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Perspectives on Prosperity

Sharon Warburton FCA

Non-Executive Director

An all-encompassing sense of wellbeing is where you find the truest sense of prosperity.

The biggest clues to how well we’re doing often come from the general vibe or word on the street. These as cultural indicators are much better than spreadsheets for measuring prosperity.

For me, personally, prosperity occurs when I’m “kicking goals” and approaching each day with buckets of enthusiasm and energy. It’s the confidence to dream, explore, ask questions, try new things and turn ideas into actions.

As a nation, to be truly prosperous we need a culture of community with continuous learning. This happens when we have a collective “can do” attitude, commitment and a heavy investment in education for all.

Culture is a journey that we all need to be part of and we can accelerate
a culture of prosperity through strong, bold leadership. Leaders play a huge part in commencing then accelerating, the rate of cultural change. Ultimately though, we all play a part. And as we all know, “from little things, big things grow”.

If we have a culture that is open to equality while moving in a clear, common direction and comfortable with different attitudes and beliefs then we will create a better place to live and work.

The foundation for this is strong and respected values, so it is essential that we are all singing to the same song sheet and focusing on creating prosperity for everyone all day, every day.